Does Your Elderly Parent Have A Two-Story House? Ways You Can Help Them

If you have an elderly parent or parents, you may be concerned about their safety, health, and well-being more than you might have been when they were younger. And if they still live in their family home and have a two-story house, your concerns may be increased. After all, navigating multistory houses can be difficult for those who have weakening muscles, joint stiffness, and the other things that come with advanced age. Before you panic and start trying to get them to move to an assisted living home, get to know the ways that you can help them to be safer in their home and to better navigate it. Then, you can feel better and your parents can just maybe remain in the home they know and love. 

Get the Stairs Carpeted

One of the ways you can help your elderly parent to be safe in their home is to get the stairs to the second floor (and the basement if they have one) carpeted. Hardwood floors and stairs are all well and good, but they can be treacherous (even for younger people).

Slips and falls are common occurrences with wood stairs and can be even more dangerous and likely to happen for the elderly. So, one of the first steps you should take with and for your parents is to get carpet installed on the stairs. 

Carpet allows the feet to better grip the floor, creating more stability for the person walking up and down the stairs. It also provides some cushioning should the person stumble and fall. This can make any injuries that occur from a fall less severe. Carpet can be a literal lifesaver on your elderly parent's stairs. 

Consider an Indoor Stair Lift

Sometimes, it is better for your elderly parent to have the option not to have to walk up or down the stairs. This is where indoor stair lifts come in. These allow your parent to essentially ride up and down the stairs. 

The stair lift is a seat with a safety belt that your parent puts on to prevent them from falling out of the stair lift. They press a button on the controls and the stair lift will take them up or down the stairs. 

Now, even if you do have an indoor stair lift installed, you should still carpet the stairs. That way, if your parent chooses not to use the stair lift at any time or if the stair lift stops working and needs repairs, they can still more safely navigate the stairs. 

Knowing these ways to help your elderly parent with a two-story house, you can get the process started right away and make their home and stairs as safe as possible.