Handicapped Equipment For The Extremely Obese

Some patients that come into the hospital have to come in laying across a double-wide gurney. When these patients leave, they need some handicapped equipment and supplies that are better suited to their enormous size. Here are a few things offered by home healthcare stores that can assist the largest of patients lead a fairly normal life.

Double-Wide Wheelchair

You may have seen these once or twice at the main entrance to the hospital. They can hold three average-sized adults comfortably. These are exactly the double-wide types of wheelchairs you need for a morbidly obese person.

Bedside Grab Bars

People who weigh more than three hundred pounds have a lot of difficulty rolling over in bed. This is a major problem because laying on their backs can cause suffocation from the excess weight they carry. Install bedside grab bars on both sides of the bed for an obese individual, and he/she will by able to use the grab bars to pull him/herself over to one side of the bed or other.

Hygiene Pads

The morbidly obese also have lots of problems with kidneys and bladder control. They need adult incontinence pads or incontinence briefs. Because they are unable to go to the store on their own to get these products, you could order boxes of them for your patient or relative and have the hygiene pads shipped directly to the house. They may also need several disposable bed pads to protect bedding at night.

Larger Toilet Seats That Can Support Excess Weight

The standard toilet seat is not designed to withstand weight in excess of two-hundred-twenty pounds. That said, the morbidly obese need larger toilet seats that are built to hold twice that weight. Otherwise, the regular toilet seats will continue to break, pinch, scratch, and injure the user.

CPAP Machines

The heavier someone is, the more fat they carry around their necks and throats. That can suffocate them while they sleep. Most obese persons suffer from sleep apnea. They need CPAP, APAP, or BiPAP machines just to make it through the night.

Shower Chairs

Morbidly obese people also cannot stand for very long because their legs and feet are not meant to carry that much weight. They cannot stand in a shower, and most tubs cannot effectively fit their body mass. They need shower chairs on which to sit and bathe themselves, and you can get these from medical equipment and supply stores too.