Expanding Your Veterinary Practice To “Pocket Pets”? What Are Your Anesthesia Options?

If you've recently discovered an unfilled need in your community for veterinary care for hamsters, ferrets, guinea pigs, and other "pocket pets," you may be looking into the purchase of some small rodent-friendly examination and veterinary anesthesia systems from places like Keebovet to help expand these services to members of your community. The ability to treat infections and illnesses and perform minor surgical procedures on these pets can be invaluable to their owners and allow you to gain an entire new niche of clients; however, treating pocket pets, and anesthetizing them in particular, can be far more of a challenge than treating dogs, cats, and other larger pets. Read More 

Senior Mobility Tips: How To Continue Getting Around Independently

If you're getting older and struggling with different conditions that could make it harder for you to walk, get up and down steps, or even stand too long, you may feel helpless. If you don't want to have to rely on other people to help you get around because you enjoy being independent and doing different things on your own time, there are a couple of things you might want to do to make it easier for you to get around on your own. Read More 

Three Factors To Know About Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can be invaluable pieces of technology for patients that are afflicted with hearing loss. In addition to making speaking and watching television or movies more difficult, hearing loss can also pose a significant safety risk. While a set of hearing aids will be able to help you compensate for hearing loss so that you can minimize the effects it has on your life, it is it to have a competent understanding about hearing aids. Read More 

Handicapped Equipment For The Extremely Obese

Some patients that come into the hospital have to come in laying across a double-wide gurney. When these patients leave, they need some handicapped equipment and supplies that are better suited to their enormous size. Here are a few things offered by home healthcare stores that can assist the largest of patients lead a fairly normal life. Double-Wide Wheelchair You may have seen these once or twice at the main entrance to the hospital. Read More